February 2014 visit.

The Kingswood Secondary Academy, Corby made their annual visit to Penyem during February 2014. For a year they had been fundraising and getting involved in the 2014 mosquito net appeal. On January 1st 2014 we set a target for the year to fundraise to allow us to but 250 mosquito nets for the villagers. By the end of January we had raise enough money for 626 nets - a year's target in one month! We had also set a target for 2015 to fundraise to replace our old village community ambulance. In February 2014, with the help of £2500 donated by the Kingswood students, we were able to buy a replacement - two years of targets in 2 months!

We also were able to present the village with the funds to pay the doctor for another year courtesy of Imerja UK Ltd. Furthermore, we were able to give the second phased payment of £500 donated by DJB Labcare UK for the training of a nurse. Labcare also donated a reconditioned autoclave (medical steriliser) which has been top of the doctor's wish list for a number of years.

NTF would like to thank everyone for their amazing generosity.

Below is some key moments in the week!
Mosquito net appeal 2014. 

Aminata Badjie receves a laptop given to her by her sponsors 'The Sharnocks'!

Thew autoclave donated by DJB Labcare UK is presented to the village doctor.

Buying mosquito nets at Serrekunda market.

Transporting the nets with the most valuable mode of transport - a wheelbarrow!

The opening of The Jasper Brown block.

The new village community Ambulance sponsored by The Kingswood Secondary Academy, Corby. (Signage donated by Brunel Signs - Ian Day of  The Roatary Club of Corby Phoenix).

Presenting the NTF Challenge Cup.

The official handing over of the ambulance.