Funding for a full time medical worker is secured!

We are delighted to announce that we have managed to secure enough funding to pay for a full time medical worker/doctor for the next year. You may recall that the villagers asked if we could help with this when I visited last Easter. Some of you were kind enough to send personal donations towards this - for which we thank you again. Just this week a company called IMERJA who have supported us in the past with provision of mosquito nets contacted us and offered £1000 towards the fund. This will pay for the salary of the worker. This, combined with the donations you sent will also pay for basic medicines etc to get the project fully up and running.

We will also hold onto some of the remaining money (£300) to start the fund for the worker to be employed for a second year - so further donations will be still very welcome!!!!!!!!!

Chief Kolley is obviously so pleased and he thanks us all on behalf of the villagers of Penyem. He is currently advertising the position and will hold interviews soon.

December 2009 visit.

NTF founder members Andrew and Anne Butler made a visit to Penyem on Thursday 4 December 2009. The Gambian visit was to prepare for the school visit by The Kingswood School in February 2010. The day spent in Penyem was a greatly useful day as we were able to go to the neighbouring Busura Primary School and Penyem Upper Basic School.

We were welcomed in the now usual way of the children singing and waving flags. The drummers were local boys using drums presented to the village last April. A nice touch was the banner made up to celebrate Anne's birthday!

Once in the village we gave our gifts which this time were a variety of things. Whiteboards and markers from The Abbey Primary School, football shirts from Moulton Magpies, a full set of games equipment and a wheelbarrow from Imerja.

We were able to add to the collection of musical instruments previously donated to the school with two wooden xylaphones. Furthermore, in our boxes we had general school stationary, books and posters, all of which was gratefully received by Chief Kolley.

We then had a short tour of the NTF projects. It was interesting to see the village in what is their springtime with trees in full leaf and the vegetation fully grown.

The afternoon was mainly spent at the two other schools in the area. These schools provide the education for the children from the surrounding villages including Penyem children. The conditions were very poor, with little or no equipment, basic furniture and overcrowded classrooms.

Back to school with Saja Camara!

During our visit we were also able to present a laptop to Martina Mendy, another of the sposored children who is now at college study IT. Martina is hoping to get a job in the hospitality industry.

Finally, during our visit we were please to present the village with £1000 to employ the full time nurse from January. We game an additional £300 for medical equipment and medicines and a further £200 for the redocoration of the medical centre and for basic furniture.