June visit 2010.

In June, Andy made a last minute visit to Penyem. This was not intended as a surprise visit, but a good package price came available towards the end of May. The main reason for the visit was twofold. One reason was for the delivery of funds for the the child school fees. We now have 75 children sponsored. It is fantastic that nearly all our sponsors have offered to continue. Thanks. The photo shows a group of some of the sponsored children. During the visit there was a graduation ceremony for four grade 9 students who were leaving the Upper school for Senior Secondary school.
The second reason for the visit was to discuss plans for the Health Centre. Since the employment of the Doctor in February, the Health Centre has been very busy. On this trip we were able to supply £300 worth of medicines bought locally, and to give 20kg of donated drugs, bandages and equipment. Thanks again for your donations.

The Kingswood School is visiting again in February 2011. It was agreed that the Kingswood students would fundraise to tile the floors of the health centre, install a ceiling, connect running water and a sink and hopefully install an electricity supply.

ThePenyem village doctor receiving donated medical supplies and a new banner!

The open roof inside the Health Centre. The Kingswood students who will visit in February 2011 will fundraise to supply a new ceiling.

The unofficial opening of Penyem Health Centre!