The pennies roll in!!

The children, staff and parents of Moulton Primary School on the outskirts of Northampton have made a brilliant donation!

Back in March 2011, Andy spoke to the children in a school assembly just to update them on what had been going on in Penyem. The school sponsors a child, Mai Kolley.

The children were keen to repeat a coin collecting fundraiser that they did 3 or 4 years ago to pay for Mai's education. Today, we are delighted to announce that the grand total of 1p, 2p and 5p coins (and others) comes to £786.83!

This is a fantastic effort. The money will be used to fund the building project at Penyem School.

Northampton Trustee Fund

Northampton Trustee Fund is a registered UK charity run by Andrew, Anne and Laura Butler. We are all teachers in Northampton. In 2004, Andrew and Anne visited The Gambia for a holiday. The rest - they say is history! To cut a long story short, we linked up with a local tourist guide called 'Ten'. He was a native of Penyem Village. He coached the village football team, and asked for us to supply the team with a football kit. From this we moved onto a 4x4 vehicle for the village to use as an ambulance/community vehicle, medical equipment, school equipment, lego, board games. In 2007 we successfully renovated the village water system in partnership with Friends of Penyem a US based charity. Each year we aim to make a significant financial input to village funds. In return the village has given us an area of land which we have named Little Northampton. This land is used to grow maize which is given to the school children for breakfast.

In 2007 we embarked on our biggest venture in seeking sponsors for children to be able to attend school. We are now entering our second year of this scheme and have 75 sponsored children attending school! Since then we have embarked on numerous projects - read on!
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