March Update

We are now in the process of collecting school fees for the school year 2012-12. Please look out for the letter in the post! New sponsors are always welcome!

Sponsor a Teacher Scheme

Over the years we have built up a Child Sponsor group of over 80 individuals from all over the UK, Europe and now the world!
We have always been conscious that the increased number of children puts a strain on accommodation within the school and teaching staff. For example the reception class in the school can have 75 children present at one time.
During my last visit, I met Mrs Horija Dibba who is Infant and Child Coordinator for Child Fund, The Gambia. She congratulated us on the progress we had made in the school, particularly with the construction of the new classroom block and provision of equipment.
However, she outlined a problem. The school was losing staff to other schools that were able to pay a higher salary. A teacher earns about £30-£35 a month. This, compared with the price of rice is a good comparison. A sack of rice to feed an average family for 3 weeks costs £20! Therefore even the smallest supplement to a teacher’s salary can make a huge difference.
In a further meeting with Chief Kolley, Head teacher at the school, we discussed what we could do to help. To cut a long meeting short(!) what it means is that if he could pay each of his seven teachers £10 a month each more, it would solve the staffing problems.
The annual cost for additional teacher’s salaries would therefore be £800-£1000 a year. NTF would like to try to help with this; however we do not have that amount of spare money each year.
In an ideal world we would be seeking an individual sponsor to cover the annual cost – muck like Imerja Ltd. does with the doctor. However, an alternative would be to build a ‘Syndicate’ of people who contribute to a ‘Teacher Fund’ to sponsor the teachers – it would be possible for sponsors to sponsor a teacher, just like with the child sponsorship scheme. Sponsors could pay as much as they like by Direct Debit or annually – the more sponsors we have – the costs could become less each. NTF is committed to this scheme, and for the first year would meet any possible shortfall until enough sponsors could be co –opted into the ‘Syndicate’.
Does this interest you? Perhaps you would like to contribute? Perhaps you could persuade people at work to get involved? Just think – a group of five people each contributing £2 a month each would fund one teacher. Then all we need to do is find another six groups of five – PROBLEM SOLVED!


Have a think and get back to us!
Andy and Anne