Funding for Health Centre Assistant secured!

We are delighted to be able to announce that this week we have secured funding for the training and employment of a Health Assistant in Penyem Village Health Centre. We have been talking with DJB Labcare Ltd. since just after Christmas. We have also been in touch on several occasions with Chief Kolley and Dan Nyang in The Gambia to ensure that we achieve the absolute best with the funding. Final details of the training etc. will be discussed when we visit Penyem in February, but the successful applicant will be a school leaver, probably who has benefitted from our student sponsorship programme.

The funding, initially over three years, is for £1650. Many thanks to DJB Labcare Ltd - and in particular Colin and Julia Bradnam.

In Memory of Eve Yeomans

In Memory of Eve Yeomans

A long time ago now we were contacted by friend, colleague and NTF Sponsor Anne Higgins. She told us that her mother had passed away. Eve Yeomans, loved all handicrafts such as sewing, knitting etc. At her funeral, it was decided to make a collection for NTF. Anne passed on a donation of £350. Rather than it being put into the general fund, we though hard of what would be the best use of the donation. At the time, the Dutch group who we work closely with on projects in Penyem, were in the process of building a Skills Centre in the village. This centre would be for sewing and similar crafts. So we decided to keep back the £350 until such a time that a use for it could be found in the Skills Centre.

We are delighted to announce that the donation will be used to pay the salary of a teacher in the centre. This is fantastic and a fitting way to celebrate the memory of Eve Yeomans.

Below is a copy of the email received from the Dutch.

Thank you to everyone concerned.

Dear Andy.

Great news for the skill centre and Penyem people you gave us .Thank you. My best idea to use this money wise and in the memory of the lady who donated the money is to use the money to pay the salary off the teacher .This will be the salary for a full time teacher who will teach sewing, knitting and crocheting to the older girls and ladies from Penyem and we hope surrounding villages. We will discuss it with the VDC ,Alkalo and our Co-worker Bakary Kujabi .We will announce the donation on opening day.Hope you will hand over the money to Alkalo Kolley when you arrive febr 11.Than he can pay the teacher salary every month for a whole year. After return I will send you pictures off course. With great gratitude we thank you for this donation to the Skill centre and Penyem people. And we hope you can agree how the money will be spend.

Until next time.

Kind regards, Corrie Jordaan.

‘Spend a Penny’ in Penyem Appeal

‘Spend a Penny’ in Penyem Appeal

Followers of our work in Penyem Village in The Gambia will know that last year we opened a new two classroom extension to the village school. This was built with materials funded by the charity. This year we have been fundraising towards the construction of a toilet building containing eight European style toilets, plus a staff toilet and shower. The work is almost complete, but we need a little extra to get there.

Those of you with older parents, grandparents or even great grandparents may have heard them say that they are going to ‘Spend a Penny’. This refers back to the days when public toilets had a lock that was operated by inserting a penny – hence ‘Spend a Penny!’
Therefore, we are launching from today the

‘Spend a Penny’ in Penyem Appeal.

We are asking all our supporters to get involved and get others involved whether it be at home, at school or at work. If you can help – it would be great. Maybe print this and display it on a bucket and leave it wherever you can, or simply collect loose change for yourself. Obviously, we are asking for pennies – but other coinage would be equally welcome!
This appeal needs a quick turnaround and all collections will need to be complete by 1 February 2013. On 11 February we will be visiting Penyem to see the completed building. With any money raised by the appeal we will want to supply important cleaning materials and equipment.
Please get in touch if you think you can help – remember – ‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!

Andrew and Anne Butler