Future visits.

The Kingswood School in Corby continue to forge links with Penyem Village. A trip from the school is now booked for 18 February 2014. This will be the 4th year that a group from the school has made the trip. Andrew Butler from NTF will be with them, It may be that he extends his trip by a week to allow time for planning long term projects in Penyem. At the moment, a major road is being constructed which passes through the heart of the village. Generally, the villagers like this as it will bring trade and communications to Penyem (including electricity - for those who can afford it). The downside is that the road splits the village in half. The groundwork has already disrupted the water supply to the north side. The Headteacher of the Upper School has expressed concern over the safety of his students as the school opens out directly onto this main road.

So clearly there is a need for major discussions on where NTF can help next, hence the reason for staying on after the school visit next February. However, it may be necessary to bring this visit forward. Therefore, a visit by NTF could happen on 3rd December 2013. You are welcome to come along! Please get in touch if you are interested in joining us! ajb1@ntlworld.com