Latest news!

We set a deadline for the donations for mosquito nets as 31 January 2014. This seems a strange thing to do as it was originally our project for the whole of 2014! Of course, we will not turn down further donations! Our target was to supply Penyem Village with 200 mosquito nets. It is now Wednesday 5 February 2014 and the total we are able to purchase is...............592................. WOW! Thanks to everyone who has contributed. We will be displaying a 'Tribute Wall' in the village Health Centre later this month.

Furthermore, our second phase of fundraising for 2015, was to replace our ageing Community Ambulance which we bought 10 years ago. Last week I received a donation from The Kingswood Secondary Academy, Corby of £2500! NTF has added a minimum of another £500 to this to make the funds available for a replacement vehicle £3000. Land Rovers or similar are difficult to find in The Gambia at this price and we are aware we may have to increase the funds. However, we hope to have a replacement vehicle by the end of March. Not bad - 2 years work done in 3 months!

I will be travelling to The Gambia on 18 February with a group from Kingswood. We will distribute mosquito nets - with any luck from a 'new' vehicle!

Lastly I pass on my thanks to Imerja UK and DJB Labcare who have renewed their sponsorship of the Health workers in Penyem Health Centre for 2014.